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New Theme

Those of you who actually visit the site rather than just reading the articles in your RSS reader will already have noticed that the site layout has changed.

Smart App Banners for WordPress

Safari on iOS 6 has a new feature called Smart App Banners. I wrote a WordPress plugin to make it easy to add these to your WordPress site. You can download wp-smart-app-banners from this link.

Link Wrench plugin for WordPress

I made a WordPress plugin to make it easier to decorate links in the way I wanted for You can get it from github if you wish.

On blogging

I am becoming dissatisfied with as a place to keep my blog.  There are a few significant problems with it: I cannot put whatever I like on here – for instance I wanted to add html iframe tags to my post about, and disallows that. It’s very slow.  I can’t use the… Read more »