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First Puncture on Tubular Tyres

As I mentioned when I first fit them, one of the perceived drawbacks of tubular tyres is that if you get a puncture you can’t “just pop a new tube in and carry on”. I put that in quotes because I have personally never found it particularly easy to change the tube on clincher wheels,… Read more »

Myth Busted

Many say that if you use an high quality “open tubular” clincher tyre and a latex inner tube on a wide clincher rim you get equivalent ride quality to a tubular tyre. I tried it; it is in no way equivalent.

Second Ride: Tubular Tyres

I went for a longer ride to further evaluate the Vittoria Corsa SC tubular tyres I glued on last week.

First Thoughts: Tubular Tyres

This morning I tried tubular tyres for the first time; it was only a short ride because I wasn’t feeling great. I traversed a few small hills, did a bit of work on the flat, and experienced a variety of road surfaces: decent tarmac, potholed tarmac and brick paving to name a few.

Tyre Installation

Until now I have had clincher tyres on every bicycle I have ridden. Most of the riders I see on TV are using tubular tyres. I have heard that tubular tyres are more pleasant to ride on, safer in the event of a puncture, but more difficult to fit. They are certainly more expensive.