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Mountain Bike Progress

The bike I’m building is coming along nicely. I would say it’s a bit more than half done:

Old School Wheels

I heard that steel framed bicycles were nicer to ride than aluminium: that myth and it turned out to be true. I also heard that tubular tyres are nicer to ride than clinchers, so I decided to test that myth as well. I didn’t want black/carbon wheels on my traditional-looking steel bike; I needed to… Read more »

Straight and True

I mentioned in my last post that I would be making some wheels that matter. I am using all-new parts, and high-quality ones at that, all chosen for good reasons.


Quite a lot of bike-wheel-related things to update: the wheels I mentioned ordering have arrived and look perfect; my rear Tiagra hub probably isn’t rusting; I have significantly reduced the amount of noise from the freehub on my Zonda rear wheel; and I have learnt a lot about how hubs and freewheels actually work.


As it’s getting closer to the day my new bike comes into existence, my thoughts turn to the question of what wheels to put onto it.