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Not Marginal – Vast Gains

I decided to try and quantify the speed difference between mountain bike and road bike. TLDR; the road bike is approximately 13% faster (equivalently the mountain bike is 15% slower). If you are commuting, buy a cyclocross bike.

Masses of Wheels

I felt it was important to know how heavy my various sets of wheels actually are: I have a set of low-drag high-mass wheels and a set of high-drag low-mass wheels, and quantifying what all those various ‘high’ and ‘low’ terms are is at least interesting and hopefully useful. Where Hub Skewer Rim Tyre Tube Mass (kg) Drag (N)… Read more »

Augmenting GoPro Footage with Sensor Data

Here is a demo: HUD Test from Philip Willoughby on Vimeo. Please ignore the Power number as it’s derived from wheel speed in a way which is approximately correct if I were riding on my turbo trainer but is completely bogus on this 4%-average incline.

Pebble Watch Bike Mount

I cycle quite a lot, and I always carry my iPhone: not merely in case I need to call a ride home after a severe mechanical failure, but also for GPS navigation and to harvest data about my heartrate, pedal cadence and wheel speed. I think my Pebble watch has the potential to significantly enhance… Read more »