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What is Fabl Video Ltd?

Those of you who track me on Facebook or LinkedIn will have noticed I’m now listed as Founder & CTO of Fabl Video Ltd. So what is this company and what does it do? If you’re impatient you can just go look at our first product, Reliv for GoPro for iOS on the App Store.

Hacking mir:ror on Linux

Some time ago, I bought a mir:ror from The provided software for Mac and Linux is unfortunately very much beta-quality (which means decidedly flaky for those of you whose only experience of beta software was google mail). So I set out to see what could be done.

On the Mind

When you look at the study of echolocation in bats, that has advanced and been advanced by work on SONAR and RADAR. Similarly the study of the flight of birds and insects has advanced and been advanced by work on fluid dynamics. The point I am making is that systems assembled by the process of… Read more »