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Mountain Bike Progress

The bike I’m building is coming along nicely. I would say it’s a bit more than half done:

Mountain bike build

As I wrote earlier, I am building a new mountain bike. It’ll be a 1×10 speed 29er in black and silver. I’ll be doing most of the assembly myself again; as last time I got the professionals to unite frame, headset and fork. This time I will build the wheels myself: the best road wheels I… Read more »

Old School Wheels

I heard that steel framed bicycles were nicer to ride than aluminium: that myth and it turned out to be true. I also heard that tubular tyres are nicer to ride than clinchers, so I decided to test that myth as well. I didn’t want black/carbon wheels on my traditional-looking steel bike; I needed to… Read more »

Straight and True

I mentioned in my last post that I would be making some wheels that matter. I am using all-new parts, and high-quality ones at that, all chosen for good reasons.

New(ish) Wheels

I bought a secondhand set of lightly used Campagnolo Zonda wheels from eBay for about £220: a little less than half of the best price I could find for a new set at the time and a very good deal as they came with tubes, tyres and a cassette. Unfortunately the freewheel was Campagnolo-splined and… Read more »

All done

Those of you who are now bored of reading about my bike-rebuilding antics will be pleased to know that it’s finally all done.

Stage 2: Just one more bit

As I wrote earlier, I am in the process of replacing quite a lot of the components of my road bike.

Phase 1 is complete

As I wrote recently, I am strategically replacing parts of my bicycle to address the parts which I currently find tiresome.

New US rules for reviewing stuff in blogs

I just found this blog post which reports that the Federal Trade Commission have issued some new advertising guidelines. The net of it is that if you post a favourable review on a blog when you have been paid to do so (or given free stuff instead), you must disclose that rather salient fact in… Read more »

My road-bike renewal scheme

Following up on my last post here, I am investigating how to improve my road bike. As I said there, it will involve a new wider-range cassette and a compact chainset. However I am also going to take the opportunity to fix a couple of other annoyances.