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Video: Stage Ready(?)

Regular readers will have seen a previous video in which I play Rocksmith. That was after owning the game for around two weeks. In the intervening 16 weeks I have practiced quite a lot and switched from using my fingers to using a pick. Let’s see whether I have improved sufficiently to get the Stage… Read more »

£50 Game, £1500 Peripheral

Like Rocksmith? Bought a Pod HD-500 and a JTV-69 to go with it? Thought not. You should: it really, really helps. If you ever do, I have put my Pod HD patches for Rocksmith onto GitHub.

Glitzy Award Show

It’s Christmas Eve, so I have the Internet to myself: you’re probably reading this because the mainstream media are all on holiday and you have nothing better to do. Possibly it’s been mentioned in one of those BBC News “Magazine” fluff pieces about what happens on the Internet when nothing is happening. What do we… Read more »

Rocksmith Master Mode

One fear with a game that teaches you how to play guitar is that it is actually teaching you to play the game and not how to play the guitar in general. Happily Rocksmith solves this quite well.

Rocksmith strings

Rocksmith assigns a colour to each string, which is consistently used throughout the game. If you live in America you can get sets of actual guitar strings in the Rocksmith colours, which would be very useful for Rocksmith-beginners. It is disappointing that (so far as I am aware) the bundled guitar is not pre-strung with… Read more »

Video: I play Rocksmith

Towards the end of the song I briefly fade-down the game output and fade-up the original guitar tone in its place so you can get an idea of what the game’s effect- and amp-simulation does to the sound. I am playing a Line 6 JTV-69 guitar in modelling mode; it is simulating the tone of… Read more »


I’ve been playing Rocksmith on PS3 for about 10 days now. We bought the game & cable bundle; It is very, very good.