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Review: SeaSucker Mini Bomber

To enable our nascent time-trialling careers we needed a way to get our bikes to the event. We chose the SeaSucker Mini Bomber which we bought from Corley Cycles: it’s out of stock there right now because we bought the last one.

Review: Black Mamba Gloves

On a ride last Saturday with Team Expresso I was chatting with the bosses of Fortress Distribution who are based nearby. Their core business is what I would call barrier-layer equipment for dealing with hazardous materials. One of their products is Black Mamba Gloves which they mentioned are good for bike maintenance. I received a… Read more »

Windows Phone 8/Nokia Lumia 1020

I’ve now had the Nokia Lumia 1020 with Windows 8 for six days, during which time it has been my only phone. To put this review in context I think there are two things you need to know: I didn’t buy it, I won it as a prize in a programming competition. My day job is to… Read more »

Line 6 DT-25: Disappointing

I bought the Line 6 DT-25 112 Combo to complement my POD HD-500 and JTV-69, completing what Line 6 call the Dream Rig. The DT-25 is a valve amplifier which can be dynamically re-wired in a selection of interesting ways.


I’ve been playing Rocksmith on PS3 for about 10 days now. We bought the game & cable bundle; It is very, very good.


I am literally never asked if it is better to buy an Android tablet or an iPad. Nevertheless I will provide my opinion as though it matters because this is the Internet.

Phase 1 is complete

As I wrote recently, I am strategically replacing parts of my bicycle to address the parts which I currently find tiresome.

Mounting the iPhone 3G on a bicycle

The obvious thing to do with a portable device which knows where you are and can display maps as your location changes is to use it for navigation and tracking. This obviously requires that you put the thing where you can see it as you go along.