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Video: Stage Ready(?)

Regular readers will have seen a previous video in which I play Rocksmith. That was after owning the game for around two weeks. In the intervening 16 weeks I have practiced quite a lot and switched from using my fingers to using a pick. Let’s see whether I have improved sufficiently to get the Stage… Read more »

Rocksmith Master Mode

One fear with a game that teaches you how to play guitar is that it is actually teaching you to play the game and not how to play the guitar in general. Happily Rocksmith solves this quite well.


I’ve been playing Rocksmith on PS3 for about 10 days now. We bought the game & cable bundle; It is very, very good.

The Simpsons Movie

Just bought this on Blu-Ray.  Tell you what, the Bunny trailers look fantastic in HD!

An engineering solution!

Y’all may recall that I’ve had a certain amount of trouble finding a DVI switching thing that works with both my PS3 and my Mac.  Now sorted.

Much News

Here’s a load of random stuff which is happening right now and probably not all that interesting to anyone other than me. Business as usual for a blog then…