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Escaping from the City

I did the Escape From The City sportive on Sunday May 25. Like the Isle of Wight Randonnée it’s a 70 mile circuit route. It’s slightly less elevation gain (933m versus 1137 according to my iPhone). I got the pacing very wrong on the IoW Rando this year and I was determined not to make the… Read more »

One Week To Go

Less, in fact, until the first bicycle race of my nascent cycling career. I’m taking it quite seriously as you may have gathered.

Power Test: Failed

Having received a power meter and a copy of Training and Racing with a Power Meter it seemed like time to try and work out my Functional Threshold Power.

Power Meter: First Use

Good news: it works perfectly. Bad news: the turbo-trainer-resistance function I have been using to estimate power is totally wrong. Excellent news: my actual power numbers are more than 20% higher than the estimate.

My Power Meter has Arrived!

Furthermore the apps I wrote to interface with it, which have been untestable hitherto, work fine so far as I can tell. Tomorrow evening I will fit it to a bike and test it out more properly.

Augmenting GoPro Footage with Sensor Data

Here is a demo: HUD Test from Philip Willoughby on Vimeo. Please ignore the Power number as it’s derived from wheel speed in a way which is approximately correct if I were riding on my turbo trainer but is completely bogus on this 4%-average incline.

Power Plays

I just realised that I never shared the graph of my power output from the Turbo Trainer method I described earlier this year. Here is one now:

Power Games

Ask any follower of cycling what the latest must-have gadget is and they are likely to mention some kind of power meter. As a cyclist who is keen to improve I wanted to understand how they work and how they could possibly help me.

Power, SSL and nanoblogging

As some of you may know, we have a CurrentCost meter in our house.  And we both have iPhones.  So it seemed obvious to provide a method to display the power usage of our house in an iPhone-compatible way so that we can check up on things while we’re out.