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A Mystery

I tried to upgrade my MacBook Pro to the Developer Preview of OS X Yosemite (10.10); it went reasonably well until the second reboot. At this point it was sat there with a half-full progress bar under the Apple logo. I left it a few hours, nothing changed, so I set about fixing it.

At home with IPv6

I have been experimenting with IPv6 in my home network, just for fun.

Serious Objective-C

There are some challenges to making large and/or complex software with Objective-C. The main thing I miss from other systems is levels of method protection.

Revised Gravatars Plugin

Phil has updated the OS X Address Book plugin for Gravatars to handle mixed-case email addresses.

How to work from home when you don’t have your company computer

As you may have seen on various news sites, the UK is covered in snow at the moment and we aren’t coping well as a civilisation. I usually leave my work computer in the office unless I am planning to work from home the following day, and since the weather forecast on Tuesday was that… Read more »

Gravatars plugin updated

I have updated the GetGravatar Plug-In for OS X Address-Book that I wrote. The new version is here. If you had installed the old one, you need to shut down Address Book before installing the new one.

Gravatars for Snow Leopard Address Book

If you comment on this blog you will have noticed an image appears next to your comment. This image is a gravatar, and is based on your email address.

Stealing usability from Apple

Apple’s OS X, which I use for most things at home, has a cool feature on its ‘dashboard’ which allows a webpage or fragment thereof to be displayed as a ‘widget’.  Ubuntu comes with a similar ‘dashboard’ thing; Compiz fusion knows it as ‘Widget Later’.  I was unable to find a web-viewing widget installed with… Read more »