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Home Firewall

I’ve “upgraded” my home network with a largely-gratuitous firewall. Since our connection is IPv4-only and the router is doing NAT with UPnP turned off, we should be reasonably secure against externally-initiated threats.

How to work from home when you don’t have your company computer

As you may have seen on various news sites, the UK is covered in snow at the moment and we aren’t coping well as a civilisation. I usually leave my work computer in the office unless I am planning to work from home the following day, and since the weather forecast on Tuesday was that… Read more »

Stealing usability from Apple

Apple’s OS X, which I use for most things at home, has a cool feature on its ‘dashboard’ which allows a webpage or fragment thereof to be displayed as a ‘widget’.  Ubuntu comes with a similar ‘dashboard’ thing; Compiz fusion knows it as ‘Widget Later’.  I was unable to find a web-viewing widget installed with… Read more »

The perils of using a computer while drunk

We’ve all been there, I’m sure: you wake up, peel the keyboard off one side of your face and the pizza off the other then, about 5 minutes later, face some difficult question such as “where the hell is my root partition?”