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Porting apps to iPad

My business iPad arrived last Thursday, and I spent the first few days absorbing the feel of the built-in apps and thinking about how to alter my existing iPhone apps so that they fit in with the iPad idioms.

New venture

Those of you who were my colleagues at IBM have hopefully noticed that I left last week. I am now running a mobile applications development business.

Everyone’s doing it…

…so I may as well join in, and post an opinion of the iPad before I’ve seen or touched it.

Mounting the iPhone 3G on a bicycle

The obvious thing to do with a portable device which knows where you are and can display maps as your location changes is to use it for navigation and tracking. This obviously requires that you put the thing where you can see it as you go along.

Podcast episode 3 stuff

I promised to write about some bugs in Apple’s iPhone security sample application. The ones I noticed are in this file, in the routine getHashBytes:.

Progress report

I have a static demo of the iPhone interface to my new blog online.  Looks fairly crap in a desktop browser.


I can blog from my iPhone! There’s a specific WordPress application to do it with and everything. Now all I need is a 3270 emulator so I can do my work from it and I can chuck all my other computers…