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Windows Phone 8/Nokia Lumia 1020

I’ve now had the Nokia Lumia 1020 with Windows 8 for six days, during which time it has been my only phone. To put this review in context I think there are two things you need to know: I didn’t buy it, I won it as a prize in a programming competition. My day job is to… Read more »

Pebble Watch Bike Mount

I cycle quite a lot, and I always carry my iPhone: not merely in case I need to call a ride home after a severe mechanical failure, but also for GPS navigation and to harvest data about my heartrate, pedal cadence and wheel speed. I think my Pebble watch has the potential to significantly enhance… Read more »

Smart App Banners for WordPress

Safari on iOS 6 has a new feature called Smart App Banners. I wrote a WordPress plugin to make it easy to add these to your WordPress site. You can download wp-smart-app-banners from this link.

Serious Objective-C

There are some challenges to making large and/or complex software with Objective-C. The main thing I miss from other systems is levels of method protection.

Further Gravatar Goodness

My company has just launched an iPhone app which finds pictures for your address-book contacts. This brings the benefits of my popular OS X Address Book plugin to those who don’t have a Mac. For the impatient, it’s available now in the iTunes store.

Annoying bug in Quartz PDFContext font handling

I’ve been battling a PDF-generation problem on iOS for the last couple of days: PDFs generated on iPhone or iPad using the Quartz PDFContext Apple supply cause an error to pop up and then don’t look right in Adobe Reader. I had presumed it to be a problem in my code, but have now found… Read more »