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I am literally never asked if it is better to buy an Android tablet or an iPad. Nevertheless I will provide my opinion as though it matters because this is the Internet.

Smart App Banners for WordPress

Safari on iOS 6 has a new feature called Smart App Banners. I wrote a WordPress plugin to make it easy to add these to your WordPress site. You can download wp-smart-app-banners from this link.

Serious Objective-C

There are some challenges to making large and/or complex software with Objective-C. The main thing I miss from other systems is levels of method protection.

Check out what I helped make

We just finished making a newsstand magazine app for Harrods. If you have an iPad you can get the app from the app store, once installed you can download issues manually and/or subscribe (for free) to have new issues delivered to you automatically. I am most proud of the makeup tester feature which is linked… Read more »

Annoying bug in Quartz PDFContext font handling

I’ve been battling a PDF-generation problem on iOS for the last couple of days: PDFs generated on iPhone or iPad using the Quartz PDFContext Apple supply cause an error to pop up and then don’t look right in Adobe Reader. I had presumed it to be a problem in my code, but have now found… Read more »

Running presentations using only an iPad

So, you have tens or hundreds of presentations and you would like to present them from your iPad. You could use Keynote for iPad, if your presentations are in Keynote form. But what do you do if they’re in PowerPoint, OpenOffice, Freelance, StarOffice, Symphony or LaTeX?