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Headlights, again

Some time ago, Richard Hopkins posted the following comment: I had a great, but simple idea for headlights. Polarise them. That way, when it’s wet, they won’t reflect off the road surface and dazzle everyone. Oncoming traffic will be able to see the road markings. I thought I would verify that it works.

Unwanted Invention[1]: Smart Headlights

This invention is one George Blue and I came up with about 3 years ago. The problem it solves should be familiar to all motorists – you’re driving along at night with full beam headlamps on when you spot an oncoming car and have to drop to dipped beams. Suddenly there’s a vast gap of… Read more »

Stuff I have invented which IBM didn't want to patent [0]

When I invent things, I have to disclose them to IBM. If they want to, and it’s within their field of business, IBM can patent the invention. I generally disclose everything (in order to CMA), as IBM’s business is more diverse than I know and they have a lot of lawyers. So I thought it… Read more »