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2013 Formula 1 Calendar

I have started to add the 2013 dates to my F1 calendar, as usual it is available publicly here. At the moment the overall dates are available but the specific session times have not been published thus far.

F1 2010 Calendar

I have put the 2010 Formula 1 schedule into a calendar of its own in BusyCal, which is the calendaring application I use on my Mac. BusyCal is then pushing this calendar to my Google calendar account, where I have configured it so that everyone can see it and import it into their calendaring applications.

Formula 1 rules for 2011 onwards

No race distance shall be longer than 310km Each car must complete the race using only its fuel allowance for that race The fuel allowance for a team spending £50 million or less on development each year shall be 100 litres per car per race The fuel allowance per car shall reduced by one litre… Read more »