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F1 Calendar 2011

I am, once again, maintaining a calendar of Formula 1 events. Here is the link if you want to subscribe to the Formula 1 calendar. This year it is shared by MobileMe rather than Google Calendar as I have stopped using Google Calendar. Currently contains the pre-season test dates and announced car launch dates for… Read more »

F1 2010 Calendar

I have put the 2010 Formula 1 schedule into a calendar of its own in BusyCal, which is the calendaring application I use on my Mac. BusyCal is then pushing this calendar to my Google calendar account, where I have configured it so that everyone can see it and import it into their calendaring applications.

Formula 1 rules for 2011 onwards

No race distance shall be longer than 310km Each car must complete the race using only its fuel allowance for that race The fuel allowance for a team spending £50 million or less on development each year shall be 100 litres per car per race The fuel allowance per car shall reduced by one litre… Read more »