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Anti-Doping Notes

Most of this is for my benefit rather than for yours. Here is what you or I should do if we believe someone is doping: Report Doping in Sport.

Chris Horner

Is he clean? I think so. Look at his career summary: excellent amateur, 3 years of nothing much at the top level in Europe 1997-1999, 6 years of winning almost everything in the USA 2000-2005, back to Europe where he performs very well and works his way back up through the ranks 2006-present. This is… Read more »

Good Journalism Encourages Doping

Doping in sport is going to remain a problem as long as anyone benefits from it happening. Happily it seems that the days of competitor’s benefitting are passing: improved tests, increased out-of-competition testing, and programs like the “biological passport” are doing a good job of catching the cheats; this is probably enough to discourage anyone… Read more »


As you can read elsewhere on the internet, the trial of Dr Eufemiano Fuentes ended this week. More eagerly anticipated than the verdict was the Judge’s ruling on whether WADA and friends may inspect the blood bags found during the Operation Puerto raids to find out to which athletes they belonged so that they can… Read more »

Never Forget

Christophe Bassons tribute

There are debts which cannot be repaid, damage which cannot be repaired, wrongs which cannot be righted. All that we can do in those situations is remember that the debt exists, that the damage was done, that the wrong occurred. To help me to remember, I have painted the name Christophe Bassons onto the top… Read more »