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First Puncture on Tubular Tyres

As I mentioned when I first fit them, one of the perceived drawbacks of tubular tyres is that if you get a puncture you can’t “just pop a new tube in and carry on”. I put that in quotes because I have personally never found it particularly easy to change the tube on clincher wheels,… Read more »

Not Marginal – Vast Gains

I decided to try and quantify the speed difference between mountain bike and road bike. TLDR; the road bike is approximately 13% faster (equivalently the mountain bike is 15% slower). If you are commuting, buy a cyclocross bike.

Windows Phone 8/Nokia Lumia 1020

I’ve now had the Nokia Lumia 1020 with Windows 8 for six days, during which time it has been my only phone. To put this review in context I think there are two things you need to know: I didn’t buy it, I won it as a prize in a programming competition. My day job is to… Read more »