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Future Bike

My next bike is being made for me in Stoke on Trent from Reynolds 853 steel tubing by Rourke Cycles. I intend it to be my forever bike. I wanted a steel frame for two reasons: the legendary ride quality and because it can be made-to-measure whereas carbon can’t.

The Physics of Pedalling

As a cyclist, there are a lot of companies trying to sell me replacement bicycle components meant to make me go faster without me getting fitter. Some of these things work, and some don’t. TL;DR: Stiff>Light. Funny shaped crank arms won’t help. Oval chainrings won’t help. Lube your chain properly and regularly.

Carbon Dioxide Policy

Since there is an election approaching, and people are interested in reducing the country’s output of CO2 I thought I would outline what I think a sensible set of policies would be.