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First Thoughts: Tubular Tyres

This morning I tried tubular tyres for the first time; it was only a short ride because I wasn’t feeling great. I traversed a few small hills, did a bit of work on the flat, and experienced a variety of road surfaces: decent tarmac, potholed tarmac and brick paving to name a few.

Art Bike

We dismantled my old bike, stripped the original decals and paint from the frame and forks and coated it with primer. My wife then spent weeks putting on an awesome paint job. Finally we coated that with automotive clear coat and started to rebuild it. Here is what it looks like right now:


Quite a lot of bike-wheel-related things to update: the wheels I mentioned ordering have arrived and look perfect; my rear Tiagra hub probably isn’t rusting; I have significantly reduced the amount of noise from the freehub on my Zonda rear wheel; and I have learnt a lot about how hubs and freewheels actually work.

Campangolo Zonda Wheels: Good

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I bought a secondhand set of Campagnolo Zonda wheels from eBay with the intent of using them for special occasions and continuing to train on my existing wheels.

Future Bike

My next bike is being made for me in Stoke on Trent from Reynolds 853 steel tubing by Rourke Cycles. I intend it to be my forever bike. I wanted a steel frame for two reasons: the legendary ride quality and because it can be made-to-measure whereas carbon can’t.

New(ish) Wheels

I bought a secondhand set of lightly used Campagnolo Zonda wheels from eBay for about £220: a little less than half of the best price I could find for a new set at the time and a very good deal as they came with tubes, tyres and a cassette. Unfortunately the freewheel was Campagnolo-splined and… Read more »