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MTB Pacing Analysis

Just for fun, let’s look at my pacing segments on the mountain bike: Down Up Delta Total Time Power Time Power Time Power Time Power 4.00 332 4.15 282 0.15 -50 8.15 306 4.10 304 4.14 298 0.04 -6 8.24 301 4.04 314 4.09 308 0.05 -6 8.13 311 4.05 334 – – – –… Read more »

Not Marginal – Vast Gains

I decided to try and quantify the speed difference between mountain bike and road bike. TLDR; the road bike is approximately 13% faster (equivalently the mountain bike is 15% slower). If you are commuting, buy a cyclocross bike.

Better performance, worse time

It’s Wednesday, so last night was time trial night as usual. Here are my down and up splits in the format we’ve seen before: Down Up Delta Total Time Power Time Power Time Power Time Power 3.45 176 3.40 249 -0.05 +73 7.25 212 3.56 168 3.46 244 -0.10 +78 7.42 205 3.34 220 3.39 245 0.05 +25… Read more »

Wax On

So I’m trying candle wax as a bike chain lubricant. It’s not as random as it sounds: paraffin wax has been used by cyclists for many decades and usually outperforms everything else when tested, and I’m fairly sure the candle wax I have is mostly paraffin. Waxing the chain requires you remove it from the bike, which I had to… Read more »

25 Miles is a Different Experience

This week’s time trial at RAF Weston on the Green was a little different to usual: the main event was over 25 miles instead of just 10. Here is the record of my 25 mile ride on Strava: Official timekeeping clocked me at 1 hour 15 minutes 57 seconds. Read on for some thoughts on pacing.

Straight and True

I mentioned in my last post that I would be making some wheels that matter. I am using all-new parts, and high-quality ones at that, all chosen for good reasons.

Making Wheels

I bought the book and decided to rebuild the wheels that originally came with my Allez. The rear wheel is my turbo-trainer wheel and there was nothing seriously wrong with it; so I dismantled it and rebuilt it with the same spokes in the same pattern. The front wheel I never liked and it had… Read more »

Race: 15 March 2014

This is my first race. The outcome goal is therefore very conservative and there are more process goals than usual: nothing is habitual yet, so everything that ought to be habitual has to be listed.

Are Turbo Trainers Worthwhile?

A friend asked me on Facebook: What turbo trainer do you use Phil? I am looking to invest in one While answering the explicit question is easy (I use a CycleOps Fluid2) his use of “invest” made me start to question whether the return you get from a turbo trainer is worth the cost.