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Belt Buckles

I changed the Speedplay Zero cleats on my cycling shoes this morning and turned the old ones into belt buckles:

They see me rollin’

I’ve finished the wheels I was building and fitted them to the art bike. Without further ado here is the finished product: We are very pleased with the result: the bike already looked good with the Zonda wheels but the white rims really finish it off. If you would like to exhibit or own the… Read more »

Art Race Bike is ⅔ Complete

It’s been Art for a while; now the final parts have arrived for me to finish the rebuild and make it a Bike once more: To complete it, make it a finished Art Race Bike, I must race it. I will be doing that in the new year.

Art Bike

We dismantled my old bike, stripped the original decals and paint from the frame and forks and coated it with primer. My wife then spent weeks putting on an awesome paint job. Finally we coated that with automotive clear coat and started to rebuild it. Here is what it looks like right now:

Snowboard Art

Cerys and I bought a blank snowboard each and have been painting them for the last few weeks. I finished mine last night and lacquered it this morning.

Triptych 1

During my time off in December I acquired a cheap airbrush, some acrylic paint, 3 canvases and a can of air. I used them to create a triptych.