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Smart App Banners for WordPress

Safari on iOS 6 has a new feature called Smart App Banners. I wrote a WordPress plugin to make it easy to add these to your WordPress site. You can download wp-smart-app-banners from this link.

Further Gravatar Goodness

My company has just launched an iPhone app which finds pictures for your address-book contacts. This brings the benefits of my popular OS X Address Book plugin to those who don’t have a Mac. For the impatient, it’s available now in the iTunes store.

Annoying bug in Quartz PDFContext font handling

I’ve been battling a PDF-generation problem on iOS for the last couple of days: PDFs generated on iPhone or iPad using the Quartz PDFContext Apple supply cause an error to pop up and then don’t look right in Adobe Reader. I had presumed it to be a problem in my code, but have now found… Read more »

Porting apps to iPad

My business iPad arrived last Thursday, and I spent the first few days absorbing the feel of the built-in apps and thinking about how to alter my existing iPhone apps so that they fit in with the iPad idioms.

Revised Gravatars Plugin

Phil has updated the OS X Address Book plugin for Gravatars to handle mixed-case email addresses.

Everyone’s doing it…

…so I may as well join in, and post an opinion of the iPad before I’ve seen or touched it.

The MacBook Pro Saga

For the impatient, Bish (a chap at work), has helpfully provided the following edited form of the saga: “So basically: you ordered a MacBook Pro from Apple, and they’re going to deliver it.” The rest of you can read on.

Podcast episode 3 stuff

I promised to write about some bugs in Apple’s iPhone security sample application. The ones I noticed are in this file, in the routine getHashBytes:.