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What is Fabl Video Ltd?

Those of you who track me on Facebook or LinkedIn will have noticed I’m now listed as Founder & CTO of Fabl Video Ltd. So what is this company and what does it do? If you’re impatient you can just go look at our first product, Reliv for GoPro for iOS on the App Store.

My Power Meter has Arrived!

Furthermore the apps I wrote to interface with it, which have been untestable hitherto, work fine so far as I can tell. Tomorrow evening I will fit it to a bike and test it out more properly.

Making PictoCross

This is going to be a long one, so strap yourselves in. I’ve tried to divide it with sensible section headings but ultimately the reason this is one post is that it’s one story; feel free to skip bits, but you can’t complain if something later doesn’t make sense. It’s as much a review of Windows… Read more »

Pebble Watch Bike Mount

I cycle quite a lot, and I always carry my iPhone: not merely in case I need to call a ride home after a severe mechanical failure, but also for GPS navigation and to harvest data about my heartrate, pedal cadence and wheel speed. I think my Pebble watch has the potential to significantly enhance… Read more »

Smart App Banners for WordPress

Safari on iOS 6 has a new feature called Smart App Banners. I wrote a WordPress plugin to make it easy to add these to your WordPress site. You can download wp-smart-app-banners from this link.

Award-winning software

I won the OTA 2012 Secure Communications Challenge sponsored by HMGCC. My winning entry is snique, pronounced as sneak.

Check out what I helped make

We just finished making a newsstand magazine app for Harrods. If you have an iPad you can get the app from the app store, once installed you can download issues manually and/or subscribe (for free) to have new issues delivered to you automatically. I am most proud of the makeup tester feature which is linked… Read more »


My putting has improved a lot recently. Some of this is due to my new Nike Method 001 putter: it makes long putts behave like scaled-up short putts, making it a lot easier to get line and length right in the 10ft+ range.

Further Gravatar Goodness

My company has just launched an iPhone app which finds pictures for your address-book contacts. This brings the benefits of my popular OS X Address Book plugin to those who don’t have a Mac. For the impatient, it’s available now in the iTunes store.