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First Thoughts: Tubular Tyres

This morning I tried tubular tyres for the first time; it was only a short ride because I wasn’t feeling great. I traversed a few small hills, did a bit of work on the flat, and experienced a variety of road surfaces: decent tarmac, potholed tarmac and brick paving to name a few.

Review: Black Mamba Gloves

On a ride last Saturday with Team Expresso I was chatting with the bosses of Fortress Distribution who are based nearby. Their core business is what I would call barrier-layer equipment for dealing with hazardous materials. One of their products is Black Mamba Gloves which they mentioned are good for bike maintenance. I received a… Read more »

Tyre Installation

Until now I have had clincher tyres on every bicycle I have ridden. Most of the riders I see on TV are using tubular tyres. I have heard that tubular tyres are more pleasant to ride on, safer in the event of a puncture, but more difficult to fit. They are certainly more expensive.

Old School Wheels

I heard that steel framed bicycles were nicer to ride than aluminium: that myth and it turned out to be true. I also heard that tubular tyres are nicer to ride than clinchers, so I decided to test that myth as well. I didn’t want black/carbon wheels on my traditional-looking steel bike; I needed to… Read more »

They see me rollin’

I’ve finished the wheels I was building and fitted them to the art bike. Without further ado here is the finished product: We are very pleased with the result: the bike already looked good with the Zonda wheels but the white rims really finish it off. If you would like to exhibit or own the… Read more »

Straight and True

I mentioned in my last post that I would be making some wheels that matter. I am using all-new parts, and high-quality ones at that, all chosen for good reasons.

Making Wheels

I bought the book and decided to rebuild the wheels that originally came with my Allez. The rear wheel is my turbo-trainer wheel and there was nothing seriously wrong with it; so I dismantled it and rebuilt it with the same spokes in the same pattern. The front wheel I never liked and it had… Read more »

It was definitely worth trying once

Those of you who follow this blog will be aware that I was due to be in a bike race last weekend. I have updated the race report.

One Week To Go

Less, in fact, until the first bicycle race of my nascent cycling career. I’m taking it quite seriously as you may have gathered.

Power Test: Failed

Having received a power meter and a copy of Training and Racing with a Power Meter it seemed like time to try and work out my Functional Threshold Power.