Cerys improved her 10 mile PB from 37.42 to 36.00 last night; an improvement of more than 6% (and 10% on her immediately preceding effort). Also impressive was how she did it: she thought my pacing plan made sense and tried to execute it. Here is her ride last night as a comparison table:

Down Up Delta Total
Time Power Time Power Time Power Time Power
4.25 243 4.25 278 0.00 +35 8.50 260
4.28 228 4.31 268 0.03 +40 8.59 249
4.33 215 4.33 259 0.00 +44 9.06 237
4.23 241

Very very consistent within each lap. Looking at the overall times her first and last laps were similarly speedy and the middle two are a little bit slower. The next thing for her to work on is her breathing because this performance was adversely affected by a stitch; an indicator of shallow breathing.

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