10 Mile ITT PB (again)

Yesterday Cerys and I took to the black stuff for a 10 mile individual time trial; my second, her first. The event was hosted by Bicester Millennium Cycle Club at RAF Weston-on-the-Green.

I rode a 29.24 (averaging 32.84 km/h) and Cerys stopped the clock at 37.42 (averaging 25.61 km/h).

The course is 4 laps of the 2.5 mile perimeter road which encircles the airfield. You can pedal through all the corners without difficulty, and indeed if I hadn’t needed to change gear I could have kept my arms on the aero-bars the entire time.

I was targeting the 30 minute milestone with this ride, and I’m very pleased to have broken it. Sadly my iPhone didn’t record my power meter data so I can’t do very much analysis. I rode the same bike as previously with the exception of another 20mm drop to the handlebars.

Cerys’s time is, I think, considerably more impressive than mine. She was riding her trekking bike which is heavy, has a very upright riding position and is generally unsuited to time-trialling. She was equipped with flat pedals and trainers, a mountain bike helmet with peak, and designer vision-correcting glasses. The only part of her equipment which was reasonably suitable was the wheels & tyres: I loaned her my Zonda wheels with their GP4000S tyres.

It is interesting, if somewhat pointless, to speculate how fast she could have gone with the same equipment & position as myself. Our best guess is somewhere in the region of 30.30, which is very impressive for someone who only started cycling a year ago.

We will probably try the course again in early July; I will try tweaking my saddle position and we’ll probably flip the stem on Cerys’s bike to get her out of the wind a bit more. We’ll look for a better saddle for her in the interim as well.

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