10 Mile ITT PB

So I’ve improved my 10-mile individual time trial personal best to 32:44. This is an enormous improvement on my previous PB of DNS (did not start, or more accurately did not consider entering).

Here is the Strava activity for your perusal:

According to Strava lap 1 is slowest, the middle lap much quicker and the final lap (slightly) quicker still; however I think the Strava trace includes a substantial amount of time sat on the start line and possibly ends too early truncating the final lap. The official splits say that lap 1 was my fastest, lap 2 was 3 seconds slower and the final lap 2 seconds slower than that. This is good consistency.

The course was very tight with three almost dead-stop hairpin turns: not at all a traditional time-trial course. Most competitors were, as I was, on road bikes with clip-on aerobars; although for those with a choice this seems to have been the wrong one: even though the course was tight and twisty the riders with full-on TT bikes were faster.

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