MTB is 95% Done

All the parts have now arrived and been bolted onto the bike (at the correct torques). I didn’t take a photo of the complete thing because the light was bad, but I did manage to take it for a test ride; it felt strange but good.

It was strange because I am so used to road biking: on the MTB my head is probably 20cm higher than when I’m on the road bike or just walking around, so I’m seeing things from unusual angles. The tyres are enormous and the pressures are a lot lower, both of which factors give a lot more lateral movement which is a bit disconcerting to a roadie: if you feel that on a road bike you are about to slide-out and crash, but on the MTB it’s actually helping you with grip and traction.

I will get used to the feel of off-roading again; I’m already enjoying being able to go anywhere and not feeling the potholes on the redways.

The remaining 5%, by the way, is getting the indexing for the gears dialled-in perfectly and bleeding/de-squeaking the front disc brake.

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