Art Bike

We dismantled my old bike, stripped the original decals and paint from the frame and forks and coated it with primer. My wife then spent weeks putting on an awesome paint job. Finally we coated that with automotive clear coat and started to rebuild it. Here is what it looks like right now:

Art race-bike. Better in proper light - comes with colour coordinated cat!

And now the boring part for bike nerds…

Little remains of the original 2009 Specialized Allez: only the frame, forks, chain-catcher, seat-post-clamp, derailleur hanger and a non-standard internal spacer component in the headset. It has the original headset top-cap and black spacers in that picture; they will be replaced with white parts which have not yet arrived.

Stem and bars are from Deda: there are only two manufacturers of white bars/stems that are commonly available and I can’t afford Ritchey’s prices. Bar tape is Condor’s own brand of pink cork: it’s a bit of a soft pink compared to the other pinks on the bike; if I see a hotter pink bar tape it’ll be replaced.

The brifters are SRAM Red, the rest of the drivetrain is SRAM Rival with 172.5mm OCT GXP cranks, 53/39 chainrings and an 11-23 cassette which isn’t pictured because it’s part of the white headset order. I have the chain but that can’t go on until the cassette arrives. Most of these parts were on the bike before we stripped it down for paint, but the crankset is new: it now matches my other bike and the other SRAM parts on this bike. The former is important because it allows one left-arm power meter to work on both bikes, and the latter is important for looks.

The brake callipers are SRAM Apex; we felt the front brake needed to be white to match the headset/stem/bars and as far as I could find if you want white brake callipers SRAM Apex is the only game in town. Pedals are Speedplay Zero in blue which were on there before.

Cabling is a Jagwire Road Pro set in hot pink: I am very impressed with how smooth it all feels, seems to be worth the money as an upgrade even if you aren’t repainting your bike.

Seatpost is a Race Face Respond which was on the bike before; we masked the part which goes into the frame and the section around the seat clamp and primed/painted/clearcoated the rest. Saddle is a Specialized Romin Pro; I have tried pretty-much every other saddle and it’s the only one I like (another is on my other bike).

Wheels are my Campagnolo Zonda set which were on there before, now wrapped in special-edition Pink Vittoria Rubino Pro tyres which were made in tribute to the 2013 Giro d’Italia. I don’t know how we will replace these as and when they need it, unless they do this every year.

Finally the bottle cage is a Planet X Pro Carbon which was on the bike before the rebuild.

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    • Phil

      I have 50/34 with 12-28 on my winter bike; but this one is for racing. My local race is at the National Bowl; it isn’t flat but I don’t expect to use the small ring or the 23 sprocket.

      A small-range cassette is good for shifting quality because you can get the top jockey wheel very close to the sprockets throughout the range; probably up to 2cm closer in the mid-range than with a 12-28. In a race, getting the gear you want with no mucking about or grinding noises matters.


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