I did my bike’s relatively-major spring service today. It took a while, and I ended up wondering how far other people usually go in pursuit of smoother running.

I removed the cassette sprockets and chainrings and washed them (with fairy washing up liquid), rinsed and patted-dry. I also removed the rear derailleur sprockets, cleaned the outer surfaces, and replaced the dirty grease inside the bearing cups with clean grease. I followed my pedal manufacturer’s instructions for re-greasing the pedal’s bearings. I cleaned the chain with fairy liquid in a chain cleaner tool, rinsed it, patted it dry with kitchen towel, lubed it and wiped the excess.

This is certainly more than I have done previously, which was: try to wash the chainrings/cassette in-situ and clean/dry/lube/wipe the chain. There is more I could do: clean and replace the grease in the wheel hub bearings; clean and grease the brake calliper pivots; clean and lube the brake calliper pivots; clean and grease the derailleur springs; clean and lube the derailleur pivots; lube the brifter pivots; etc. I didn’t do the wheel hubs because I am not certain that I know what I’m doing and I can ill-afford to be without wheels; although since I do now have a second set I am more inclined to watch a few youtube tutorials and then give it a go. I didn’t do the brakes/derailleurs/brifters because none of those controls feel particularly stiff; maybe I should just do them anyway.

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