Award-winning software

I won the OTA 2012 Secure Communications Challenge sponsored by HMGCC. My winning entry is snique, pronounced as sneak.

Since we were at Bletchley Park, home of the WWII codebreakers, I wanted to make something to do with covert communications. I decided to attack the HMGCC Secure Communications Challenge, summarised thus:

Create a solution that addresses the three key aspects: ensuring that the content of communication is confidential and secure from interception by 3rd parties; that the communication channel is available and resistant to denial of service attacks; and that systems provide high integrity, allowing you to be confident that the other parties involved are who they say they are.

I think snique does a reasonable job of meeting those objectives, for fairly short messages anyway, and the judges agreed. If you want to know more look at the snique page or the source code on GitHub.

snique is written in Objective-C (iOS client), PHP and Ruby. I am working on a more sophisticated server component and an Android client which will be written in Java. It should be possible to implement a snique extension for Chrome or indeed any other browser with a reasonably sophisticated extension mechanism.

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