I want a Flightscope X2

I had a golf lesson on Saturday with my usual pro and the assistance of a Flightscope X2. I don’t know that I would want to have a lesson without it now that I’ve seen what it can do.

A golf shot’s outcome, it should be obvious, is determined by the fraction of a second that the club face and the ball are in contact with each other. Flightscope (and other Doppler radar systems) can tell you what happened at impact and thereafter in unprecedented detail.

For instance I now know that the average club-head speed when I swing my 7-iron is 77.7mph. I have regular flex shafts: if I start to swing 2-3mph faster I would benefit from stiffer shafts. If I used more-flexible shafts my distance and accuracy would suffer. Obviously it would have been smarter to find this out before buying the clubs, but I’m happy to be lucky.

It is interesting, and useful if you want a good score, to measure all the other parameters of shots with your current swing and clubs. Accurate information on your carry and roll distances, how much fade or draw you give the ball with each club, how much backspin, etc: all this is available and if you know that and where you want to put the ball on the course (from a course guide/GPS) you can probably take 10+ tee-to-green shots off a score.

It’s even more useful when trying to fix a swing defect. I naturally swing ~5° in-to-out (this feels straight). I have been trying to swing out-to-in deliberately in practice to counteract this, but it is difficult to know if what feels out-to-in actually is, and by how much. Thanks to Flightscope I now know that what feels like an extremely out-in swing is about 5°: only as fadey as my normal swing is drawey. I also know that a slightly out-in feeling swing is still 3° in-out. I think if I had a couple of 2-hour sessions with Flightscope I could probably find and get the feel of a 0° swing.

I would then want another lesson and some untutored Flightscope time to tune in a 0° club-face at impact as well.

Even with a theoretically straight swing I would still want to keep a Flightscope around for practicing: partly to ensure my swing stays good, partly for the aforementioned club/swing metrics, and partly because you don’t always want to hit it straight and it would be very useful for learning controlled draw and fade.

Now I just need to convince Cerys to let me buy one.

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