Triptych 1

During my time off in December I acquired a cheap airbrush, some acrylic paint, 3 canvases and a can of air. I used them to create a triptych.

They are meant to hang in a vertical column, thus:




They are currently being framed with brushed-aluminium-effect frames. I highly recommend framing art in a real-world framing shop: they have single corners of all the frame options made up so that you can pick the one which best fits the work. I doubt I would have picked the correct frame material ordering from the internet.

For those curious as to how I made them: I painted the lower panel first, then the upper panel and finally the central panel. I then experimented with the hanging order and orientation to create the effect I wanted. The lower two panels were sprayed in multiple colours wet-on-wet before drying, masking and adding the black layer and clear coat. The upper panel uses only wet-on-dry techniques.

2 Responses to “Triptych 1”

  1. Michael

    You did a good job with this. I particularly like the bottom panel.

    “Snowflake heart fire”?

    • Phil


      I am intentionally not saying what I think the viewer should think about it; including not titling the triptych or any of its component panels.


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