Gravatars for Snow Leopard Address Book

If you comment on this blog you will have noticed an image appears next to your comment. This image is a gravatar, and is based on your email address.

According to this page, there used to be a plugin for the OS X Address Book application to retrieve gravatars. Unfortunately the site it links to no longer works.

I therefore wrote my own, which works only on Snow Leopard. The disk image is here. To install it, drag GetGravatar.bundle to Library/Address Book Plug-Ins in your home folder and restart the Address Book application. Click on any email address to be offered the opportunity to download the corresponding gravatar. Be warned, it will replace any image assigned to that contact with their gravatar if they have one.

13 Responses to “Gravatars for Snow Leopard Address Book”

  1. Aaron DeBacker

    Thanks Phil, it worked perfectly on my PPC G5 running Mac OS X 10.5.8.


    Been on gravatar site and downloaded an image. Will it automatically appear on the sites I use, such as ‘ Quizzes and Puzzles ‘ or do I have to set-up some other stuff?

      • Lar

        You are welcome, Phil. And thanks for the speedy fix.

        If you’d like me to find any other hidden problems, just let me know — it’s a curse I have.

    • Phil

      Odd; it works for me, and I have the same software versions as you on a MacBookPro5,1 (which has the same processor). Have you quit and restarted Address Book?

      Other than that, it would help to know in what way it isn’t working.


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