I’ve added Google AdSense advertising to some of the posts on this site. The reason is that I looked at the Analytics data from my site and there is a pretty-high bounce rate for search-engine referrals and older posts.

A bounce is when someone goes to your site then hits the back button, presumably because they didn’t find what they wanted. One thing I can do to increase the chance of the user finding what they wanted is to put links to other relevant pages onto my pages.

Rather than go to any effort myself, I chose to delegate this task to Google AdSense. AdSense uses google’s crawled version of the page to match the adverts it inserts with the content of the page, so the ads should be good matches for the search terms which google refers to that page. A further plus is that, should anyone click on an ad, I will get paid (albeit a minuscule amount).

The adverts’ appearance is controlled by rules: They will not appear if you are a logged-in user. They will appear if you arrived at that page from a search engine. They will not appear if you are a regular reader. They will appear if the post is older than ten days. Otherwise they will not appear. The first rule with a true condition is the effective one.

Should you feel the urge to test this, one of my blog posts is the top hit on google for this quoted string: “les femmes n’ai pas seulement une dimension”.

If you notice ads when you think you shouldn’t see one, let me know by commenting on this post.

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