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2 Responses to “Now delivered in podcast form”

  1. John says:

    A very impressive first attempt. I liked the intro and outro music and found your voice was easy to listen to and comprehend.

    With regards the content, while it was meandering the flow was pleasant, taking me to things I found I was interested in. Also, I found the comments about wedding ring costs interesting and worthy of comment, and was amused as to why you may be told to stop.

    On further thought, it occurred to me that there are two reasons why one may wear an engagement ring within a heterosexual engagement: because you are a girl or you accepted a proposal. You assumed girlness to be the defining factor when it may be acceptance. Feel free to correct me in further editions.

    With regards to object-oriented languages: Perl has very similar OO mechanism to ObjC and yet I’ve always been told that Perl is not really OO. Since I love both Perl and ObjC I guess I’ll always be on the wrong side of the OO debate.

    Keep it coming.

  2. Andy Piper says:

    Just listening to the second episode. You talk about using the iPhone as a Bluetooth keyboard… I don’t believe that is possible, the Bluetooth stack in the iPhone can only be used with headset devices IIRC.

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