Reverse the polarity!

I just bought 2 more satellite speakers for my surround sound setup; changing it from 5.1 to 7.1. I also got a proper front centre speaker, which should be a bit better than the previous one which was just another satellite.

Why? Why not. Why now? Because Tannoy have just discontinued the EFX5.1 speaker line. My set was a Tannoy FX5.1 set, which was superceded by the EFXs – they changed the sub-woofer and gave it a proper centre. So by replacing the centre and adding 1 EFX satellite I could get a balanced 7.1 system. The EFXs discontinuance partially scuppered that plan because no-one would sell me a single satellite. Superfi ( however sold me a pair for less than the in-life price of a single one, as well as 2 stands, a centre and 20m of cable.

Having cabled it all up, I ran my amplifier’s auto-setup thing, only to be told that all speakers were out of phase. Indeed they were; I had cabled all the red terminals on the amplifier to the black terminals on the speakers (and vice-versa obviously). Half an hour of tedious rewiring later and it’s all working correctly.

Haven’t yet tried it with a DTS source, but it sounds pretty-good so far.

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