The Simpsons Movie

Just bought this on Blu-Ray.  Tell you what, the Bunny trailers look fantastic in HD!

I didn’t expect there to be much difference between the quality of the DVD episodes and the Hi-Def version that is the movie itself, given the nature of the content.  But it is noticeable.

That, however, is not what I want to talk about.  I missed a joke about half-way through, skipped back a chapter then hit the spin-forward button to get back to the right place.

Now I know the PS3 has a lot of MIPS to throw at stream processing, but I didn’t expect the PS3′s programmers to have bothered to do anything interesting with fast-forwarding.  They have, however, and how!

Flick the button once, and it goes to 1.5x speed playback.  With sound.  Without sounding like the chipmunks.  Without obviously dropping frames.  So someone has written the code to decode a 1.5 MBps Dolby Digital DTS HD audio track, resample it to temporally compress it by 1/3rd, pitch-shift it to correct for that, then emit the compressed/corrected stream.  And apparently they’ve done a similar thing to the 35 MBps video stream.

It’s really very watchable at 1.5x speed.

I am, once more, seriously impressed by the power of the Cell.   And a bit surprised that they’ve bothered to use it.

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