I'm beginning to think the Mac may be at fault

If you’ve been following the continuing saga of my DVI switchbox experience, you’ll know that the PS3 works and the Mac doesn’t.

Previously the PS3 was running at 1080p, which is 1920×1080, whereas the Mac was using WUXGA, which is 1920×1200. I know that 120 extra lines doesn’t sound like much, but it’s 691,200 subpixels more data to transmit. Plus of course there may be a difference in refresh rate. So it was possible that the cable/switch had barely sufficient integrity for the PS3′s signal and insufficient for the Mac’s.

Now, however, that excuse has gone; Linux on the PS3 drives the display at WUXGA at the same refresh rate as the Mac, and the image has none of the problems I’ve seen from the Mac.

I’ve even tried swapping the ports again, and yet again it hasn’t helped.  I’m wondering if there’s anything else worth trying…

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