An engineering solution!

Y’all may recall that I’ve had a certain amount of trouble finding a DVI switching thing that works with both my PS3 and my Mac.  Now sorted.

The most promising unit I tried, and the only one I hadn’t returned for a refund was a cheap plasticky one.  Its failing was visual artefacts on the Mac signal.  I put that down to a lack of shielding.

So I opened it up, covered the exposed metal on the PCB with sticky tape, coated the inside of the enclosure with aluminium foil and put it back together.

Connect everything; select the Mac input and turn it all on: fewer artefacts and a picture that keeps cutting out.  I’d seen that before, and guessed it might be due to using cables that’re too long: the DVI specification says that cable length should be 2 metres, and the overall distance in my system was 4 metres plus the switchbox.

Not a disaster, I thought.  I swapped the cables I was using for some much cheaper 1 metre cables I had lying around (overall length 2 metres plus switchbox), and now I have a stable picture with no noticeable artefacts from the Mac.

The PS3 still works too, even 1080p Blu-Ray playback, so HDCP still works.  All in all, a successful afternoon…

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