Safari 3

New browser, new post.SVG now partially works, and the visual editor doodah on WordPress works, rather than being limited to the HTML-editing mode where you use tags. UPDATE: When I said it works, that was for a given value of works which doesn’t correspond to (say) works as well as it does in Firefox.

So that’s nice. Bugger-all-else has changed as far as I can tell. Given that there wasn’t much wrong with Safari 2, that’s probably for the best.

It was a little annoying to have a major-version browser replacement bundled in with a minor OS release which I was urged to install for security reasons; everyone seems to do it, and IMO no-one should.

Browsers are not fundamental to an operating system: one of the OSs I use has no web browsers at all so far as I know, another has about 9 billion but you don’t actually need to have any part of any one installed for a useful system.

And yes, had the update been split into two I would have installed both; but it’s the principle of the thing…

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