Much News

Here’s a load of random stuff which is happening right now and probably not all that interesting to anyone other than me.

Business as usual for a blog then…

New shoes and exercise

I’ve been going for walks of an evening for about 6 months now, and my old trainers were pretty-much work through. So I asked those I know who’re in the know and got a bunch of recommendations. All of which were for ASICS shoes.

So I bought some.

You can add my recommendation to the rest: they are, unlike anything I’ve had before, shoes for running. I’ve encountered similar feelings in other parts of my life: when you get into an MX-5′s driver’s seat you feel through-and-through that its sole purpose is to be driven by you; when you log in to a CICS system you feel that its purpose is to get business done; and so forth. It all stems from focussed design.

Anyway, the point is that when you stick ASICS shoes on they induce you to run: it’s so clear that’s what they’re for.

In common with John, I can honestly say that pretty-much all of me aches after my last run, with the sole exception of my feet (no pun intended).

Apparently I have a nice arse

This is according to an independent unsolicited survey, comprised of (probably drunk) women who wolf-whistle, beep and in one case lean out of the window and shout “Nice arse!” as they drive past.

I suppose that’s what I get for going out walking late at night. At least they don’t pull over and try to get to know it better…

The flat below me is empty at the moment

So I’m planning to break-out ye olde DDR equipment and get back into that. I have two RedOctane Ignition 3 pads, so if anyone else wants a go we can probably sort something out.

For the scared: the software I use, unlike the arcade games, does let the two players play at different difficulty levels.

Ratchet & Clank: Tools of Destruction

It’s a platform game on the PS3, and it’s fantastically good. Get it if you have a PS3. It may even be worth getting both if you don’t.

DVI and HDMI switchboxes all suck

Which is why my Mac Mini is now connected with a VGA cable. The PS3 has the DVI port, because it over component video looks proportionately much worse than the Mac over VGA.

Every DVI switch box I’ve tried has managed to fuck-up one or other of the signals: one from an amazon vendor branded HQ conveys the PS3 correctly but introduces red/blue coloured dots and lines on the Mac; an Avocent SwitchView DVI conveys the Mac perfectly (as you would expect) but the PS3 appears as a black screen; the undisputed worst is a Bandridge 4-port DVI/HDMI Switch Box from Maplin which manages to both screw-up the Mac image and fail to convey the PS3 signal at all.

I shall probably stick with this configuration for the moment, although it is somewhat unsatisfactory. Next year I may well buy an iMac for photo editing – they have faster drives, better processors, and wider-gamut screens; so it would be considerably better for Lightroom than this Mini is anyway.

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