The Ladder Theory

The Ladder Theory
The ladder theory is a funny, scientific explanation of how men and women
are attracted to each other

Mark mentioned this in a comment on an earlier post. It’s relatively easy to unify the two theories: a woman’s position on the classical ladder is given by Attractiveness – Scariness (or Repulsiveness), and the resultant effect is modified by the classical ladder-theory abyss/drunk/sober thresholds etc.

It’s an obvious consequence of the unified theory, but I shall spell it out anyway:

∀x,y. ∃f. f(y) → ( ∃ x → attracted_to(y,x) ) where x ∈ Women, y ∈ Men, f ∈ Situations

For those unfamiliar with logic, that says approximately “For any man/woman pair there is a situation in which the fact that the woman exists is sufficient for the man to be attracted to her”.

5 Responses to “The Ladder Theory”

  1. Jenny


    I really, *really* hope you’re not linking to the obnoxious misogynist version of the Ladder Theory … for the good of my blood pressure I’m not going to look right now; I’ll come back to it later and find out. Be ready for an onslaught of feminism if you have, though …

  2. Sally

    I thought that the ladder theory was just used by “nice guys” so they could wail and cry and complain about not having a girlfriend…


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