Speed for Sale

You can’t buy fitness; if anyone offers to sell it to you it’s probably time to call WADA. But as a cyclist you can legally buy performance in other ways: when you are cycling your speed is that at which the propulsion force you generate is equal and opposite to the forces opposing your motion. These forces are many and varied but the main ones we worry about are rolling resistance and aerodynamic drag. (more…)

MTB is 95% Done

All the parts have now arrived and been bolted onto the bike (at the correct torques). I didn’t take a photo of the complete thing because the light was bad, but I did manage to take it for a test ride; it felt strange but good. (more…)

Mountain bike build

As I wrote earlier, I am building a new mountain bike. It’ll be a 1×10 speed 29er in black and silver. I’ll be doing most of the assembly myself again; as last time I got the professionals to unite frame, headset and fork. This time I will build the wheels myself: the best road wheels I ever rode are the ones I built myself a few weeks ago, so why would I want to ride anyone else’s? It also give me a chance to do something quite unique with the spokes, which I will show you later… (more…)

Technical Progress

I fancy building a mountain bike again: it’s a while since I had one and I think I would like one again. I plan to use it for training in the winter as it’s more fun than using the turbo trainer (and I get too cold in full-Lycra outdoors). I also hope to go on some of the rougher-surface sky rides this summer: Cerys was able to do them on her hybrid bike but they were a little much for road tyres. To help with this endeavour I have been reminiscing about last time and looking at what’s changed in the market since then. (more…)