Masses of Wheels

I felt it was important to know how heavy my various sets of wheels actually are: I have a set of low-drag high-mass wheels and a set of high-drag low-mass wheels, and quantifying what all those various ‘high’ and ‘low’ terms are is at least interesting and hopefully useful.

Where Hub Skewer Rim Tyre Tube Mass (kg) Drag (N)
Front Shimano Ultegra HB-6800 Flo 30 Veloflex Corsa 23 Vittoria Latex 19/23 1.35 0.736
Rear Shimano Ultegra FH-6800 Flo 30 Veloflex Corsa 23 Vittoria Latex 19/23 1.50 0.736
Both Shimano Ultegra 6800 Flo 30 Veloflex Corsa 23 Vittoria Latex 19/23 2.85 1.47
Front Shimano Dura-Ace HB-9000 Mavic Reflex Vittoria Corsa SC 23 1.05 2.45
Rear Shimano Dura-Ace FH-9000 Mavic Reflex Vittoria Corsa SC 23 1.25 2.45
Both Shimano Dura-Ace 9000 Mavic Reflex Vittoria Corsa SC 23 2.30 4.90


Flo 30 Rims

Yesterday evening Cerys and I used the new aerodynamic wheels I built in a 10 mile individual time trial for the first time. Now therefore seems a good time to draw some conclusions.

In summary, Flo Cycling have done an excellent job of the aerodynamics with the Flo 30: the bike stability is a massive improvement over anything I have ridden before and to the extent that I can test it their claimed drag reduction seems to be spot on as well. I don’t know of any other rim (or wheel set) that can claim similar performance at anywhere near this price. If only they did a tubular version it would be perfect…


Speed for Sale

You can’t buy fitness; if anyone offers to sell it to you it’s probably time to call WADA. But as a cyclist you can legally buy performance in other ways: when you are cycling your speed is that at which the propulsion force you generate is equal and opposite to the forces opposing your motion. These forces are many and varied but the main ones we worry about are rolling resistance and aerodynamic drag. (more…)

MTB is 95% Done

All the parts have now arrived and been bolted onto the bike (at the correct torques). I didn’t take a photo of the complete thing because the light was bad, but I did manage to take it for a test ride; it felt strange but good. (more…)